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The term minimalism is also used to describe a trend in design and architecture where in the subject is reduced to its necessary.
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Operational Documents

All commands issued to a node are acted upon by the controller at that point in the network. Commands are not propagated to other nodes unless specifically required. For example, a command issued against the K5GVL repeater will only affect that node, and all responses will be generated by that node.

These are the ground rules:

Every command must begin with a “Star” character ( * ).
If a * is issued as part of a command string, it causes a reset of the decoder and the decode begins from the last entered * character. This is useful if you make a mistake; you just start again.
Decoding is abandoned if the gap between digits is too long.
Available Functions

*1 nnnn Disconnect specified link
*3 nnnn Connect to a specified node in transceiver mode
*4 nnnn Enter command mode on specified node (see below)
*70 Report system status for this node only
*72 Report last node to key up
*73 Report system status for all nodes
*80 Send station ID
*81 Give time of day
In the above list, nnnn represents the AllStar Link node number to connect to / disconnect from.

A list of active Allstar nodes can be found at this location.

Allstar connections only require the use of the *3 and *1 command above.